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The Tryst with Nature : 9-11 AM Boat safari in Chambal River. Enthralling view of natural beauty of Chambal River valley and wildlife. 1-6 PM Udpuria- Painted Stork breeding colony. Ideal for Bird-Watching and photography. See over 200 breeding pairs of Painted Stork and other water-birds.7PM Return to Kota.

Bundi Tour : Departure form Kota9AM-1PM 84- Pillar Cenotaph A Chahatari erechted on 84 Pillars. Rani Ji Ki Baori, Dabhai Kund, Nagar- Sagar Kund Bundi is known for its old water conservation systems. Which are aesthetically designed with geometric overtones. Garh Palace A medieval palace with a great view form the Highway. It houses Chitrashala, Badal Mahal. Chhatra Mahal. Phool Mahal and Moti Mahal. The frescoes and wall paintings of various Mahals are done in soothing blue or green and also in bold colors. The themes depicted are in classical style. Taragarh Fort - The 14th century fort is situated on a 430M high hillock and provides a great view of the city and the surrounding area. Sukh Mahal & Jaitsagar, Ksharbagh , Shikarburj Boat ride in the evening in Jaitsagar. 7 PM Return to Kota.

Pre historic cave paintings : 9AM OnWards Chattaneshwar The rock shelters and cave paintings by pre historic man are over 25000 Years old. Geometric figures, animal and human figurines have been depicted in red and ochre. 1 PM Naldah and Golpur The painted caves extend over a kilometer along the stream bank at both the places. Agro-pastoral activities and animal figures are depicted extensively. 7PM Return to Kota.

The Pilgrimage : 9AM OnWards Keshoraipatan Keshavrai Temple, Suvratnath Temple and Atishay Kshetra, Bajra ride in Chambal River. 2 PM OnWards Badoli Temples 10th -11th century temple complex. Temples with beautiful carved images of Gods and Goddesses, Pillars and ceilings are in good state of preservation. Geparnath Scenic beauty of Chambal River Valley is spell binding. The place is photographers delight. 7PM Return to Kota.

Kota Heritage Walk : 9AM Beginning from the Kota City Palace, OnWards Ksharbagh (Cenotaphs) Christian Graveyard Government Museum Rao Madho Singh Museum Kaithoon An Artisan's village, famous for its hand woven Kota Doria sarees and fabric. City tour may be organized on a Buggy (horse drawn carriage).

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